My Philosophy

My philosophy on how I treat as a Therapist. Helping people with pain, lack of movement or to help with sporting performance is too complex a topic to be covered in a newsletter so I’m just going to cover the basics here.

You could ask any number of professionals on how they help someone experiencing pain, injury or lack of movement and you’ll get a variety of answers ranging from tablets/medication, supplements, vile tasting drinks, surgery, exercise, manipulation, meditation, corrective breathing or slapping fish above your head. Any and all may work for you but it’s probably best to keep away from that last one.

As a Remedial Massage Therapist I work with the soft tissues of the body so most of what I treat will be soft tissue related. If I don’t get a result from what I do then I will refer to another professional simply because the issue we are addressing may not be treated effectively with massage. I will not bring a client back in for multiple visits when it is obvious they need another form of treatment which may provide the results they are after. Basically, massage doesn’t “fix” everything and I won’t claim it will.

My simple philosophy is that I aim to relax inhibited and/or tight/stiff tissue, restore range of motion to the joints, address holding patterns, work with the nervous system, relax the body and provide education on how to minimise the chances or reinjury. I don’t “fix” an issue but apply techniques that help the body to restore its original function.

I work with the theory that if the joints in your body move with a nice smooth range of movement in conjunction with the rest of your body when performing an activity and your muscles feel pliable then pain should be kept to a minimum. If I believe that the source of your pain may be from another factor and/or out of my scope of practice I will refer you to someone I feel may be more beneficial to your needs.

This is a basic snapshot and I hope it answers some questions about why people would try massage and also explains what I personally am trying to achieve during a treatment.