I have been in practice in Traralgon since 2006. I help people dealing with headaches/migraines, low back/hip pain and providing general massage to improve their functional movement, helping them to maintain their pain and to move better.

I use only a small number of techniques during a treatment. Over the years I have learn't numerous techniques; I have kept the ones that I get the best results with, and have discarded those that I feel to be ineffective. I treat clients with a combination of massage, dry needling, cupping, myofascial release, stretching and, most importantly, listening to you.

Massage doesn’t have to be hard; my goal is to decrease your pain, and pounding you doesn’t achieve this. Depending on your goals for the session, I’ll develop a treatment plan for you; a manageable plan that suits you, by the end of your treatment.

I’m different to other therapists in that I have a special interest in 2 main areas: headaches/migraines and low back/hip pain. I have always enjoyed treating these 2 areas the most, so it was no surprise to me that most of my clients seek me out to address these areas.

My consultations are for either 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes. I recommend an initial 60-minute session to give us time to talk about your issue and develop a treatment.

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