How often should I get a massage?

This is an interesting question and I get asked this often, mostly by new clients. Two things must be taken into consideration when answering this question. Is the massage you are seeking for maintenance or are you injured/in pain? Addressing an injury requires a different approach to treatment and won’t be covered in this newsletter.

I get regular massage – which I will call maintenance massage – once a month to help keep myself pain free and moving. I feel that by the third week I am usually looking at my diary for my next appointment. This is due to the repetitive work I do and I like getting massages. The time between appointments and the duration is up to you, but I recommend between 4-6 weeks and one hour is the most preferred time people chose. Some people like fortnightly massage because they use it as a big part in maintaining their health and wellbeing, the choice is entirely up to you.

Maintenance massage usually serves two purposes, relaxation/stress relief, and a chance to work on any aches and/or stiffness that you may be experiencing. You don’t need to get a full body massage, I am guided by what you want on the day. If you only want your legs worked on, that is okay.

The techniques I use will be different too. They will be broad flowing strokes; kneading and myofascial release techniques may also be used. I may also use cupping therapy in this treatment; with your permission.

The pressure I use is entirely up to you, some people like deep pressure and others prefer lighter strokes to be used. The massage is yours alone, you determine the pressure I use on the day.

Music may be played during a session and has many benefits, which is why I stream music in my clinic. I will ask you what type of music you enjoy during a massage and can provide that for you, this adds to the relaxing effect of the massage. My aim here is to determine what your goals are regarding your massage and to provide it for you.

You have the choice of the type of massage you want, the music you like, the amount of talk you like, the temperature of the room and you may also bring in your own oil if you prefer.

To sum all this up, receiving regular massage has many benefits and can be used as part of your health regime or for general relaxation. The reason for you seeking treatment and how often you like to have massage is entirely up to you. There is no set time frame for you to have a massage but for most people every 4-6 weeks is a good fit for them.